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About Seratel

Reducing Costs, Improving Quality and Delivering Control in Manufacturing


Seratel Ltd. was founded in 1995.

We produce computer systems to help manage inventory, improve traceability and more.

Industry Sectors

We work extensively with the electronics manufacturing industry. We know that business extremely well.

We are especially aware of the challenges facing the EMS sector. 5 of the current top 10 EMS companies world-wide have implemented Reel aMounts, as well as top OEMs such as Sony and Qualcomm.

We have also worked in medical, pharma, food and drink, clothing and consumer products with leading, multi-national companies in these fields, such as Baxter, Allergan, Portwest, Braun, Hollister and Coca-Cola.


We are based in Ireland - the world's top exporter of PC software. Our systems are installed worldwide.

Reel aMounts and Reporting Centre are used in –

Reel aMounts and Reporting Centre are used for –

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We are a member of SMTA Europe - previously the SMART Group for the advancement of Surface Mount And Related Technologies

e-mail: info@seratel.ie     phone: +353 98 36244

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