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Reel aMounts for Jabil

Global installations of Seratel's Reel aMounts component counting and labelling system in Jabil.

One of the world's largest EMS providers has implemented Reel aMounts under an agreement covering Jabil plants world-wide

Seratel has now implemented multiple Reel aMounts systems in fifteen Jabil plants in the USA, Mexico, Brazil, the UK, Hungary, Italy, China and Malaysia.

Reel aMounts replaced traditional, electro-mechanical counting systems, to offer greatly improved efficiency in materials handling.

The system links a computer, electronic weighing scales, bar code scanner, bar code printer and a database of component types to provide a solution that is up to fifteen times faster than conventional counters for tape and reel components.

Being computer based, all count information can also be forwarded to the company's ERP system, viewed in a web browser or exported to Excel for further analysis.

To learn more about Reel aMounts – click here

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