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Reel aMounts selected for Continental Automotive Malaysia

Preventing line stoppages due to component shortages.

Continental Automotive Components Malaysia Sdn. Bhd., a leading, multi-national manufacturer of automotive electronics, has implemented Seratel's Reel aMounts counting and labelling system for electronic components at its factory in Penang, Malaysia.

Reel aMounts allows Continental to count and re-label reels of surface mount components in 15 seconds or less, compared to four minutes with the previous manual counters. The operator simply scans a bar code on the reel to carry out the counting, and a second bar code to print a new label for the reel, including the new quantity, operator information etc.

The savings and process improvements are not simply related to the counting process. Seratel and Continental have worked to integrate Reel aMounts with Continental's SAP/Solo ERP system. This means that, when a reel is counted using Reel aMounts, inventory figures in SAP/Solo are automatically updated to include material used in production and both handling and placement attrition.

All material is automatically tracked by a unique ID code for each reel, giving Continental exceptional inventory control and traceability.

Bernd Kirchhoefer, Director of Manufacturing, Continental Automotive Components Malaysia Sdn. Bhd., says, "We wanted to improve accuracy and the speed at which we can determine the component stock. Now we can establish our stock balances even more accurately and rapidly. This enables us to control our WIP tightly and identify losses, reducing line stoppage due to components not being available."

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