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July 2013 - Reel aMounts Reporting Centre Version 3 Released

Over thirty new or updated reports.

New "Builds and Attrition" category helps you manage component losses, with options to detail and analyse attrition.

Capitalising on attrition data captured by Reel aMounts Version 8

Reel aMounts can now calculate attrition for a build as soon as each reel used is counted after the build. This information can be exported to your ERP system in real time if required.

All attrition data is also stored in the Reel aMounts database for later reporting, analysis and data transfer by the Reel aMounts Reporting Centre. Reporting Centre is a web based reporting and query tool included with Reel aMounts.

Attrition for each part code calculated immediately
A complete new category of reports

The new version of Reporting Centre adds a complete new category of reports – "Builds and attrition".

Detail reports allow you to list the exact attrition for any build – showing expected component usage, actual usage, attrition and attrition rate as a percentage for each part code.

Other reports allow you to analyse attrition over a period of time. This can help you identify problem parts and/or products, and to base your component purchases on accurate attrition projections.

Attrition reports
Updates to existing report categories

Other new and expanded reports also provide more information and simpler querying on material counted in feeders, reels with customer–assigned reel IDs or "licence plates", handling of moisture sensitive material and more.

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