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February 2015 - Reel aMounts Version 8.1 Released

Faster product introduction and payback with new processing for existing used reels

Additional integration with automated storage systems, picking systems and placement line software

Monitoring component age and more ...

Faster product introduction and payback

Reel aMounts now makes it easier and faster to integrate existing, used reels into the new counting process. Being able to count all the reels in a plant using Reel aMounts at the earliest possible stage naturally results in efficiencies and a faster return on investment.

Previously if there was no known count for an existing used reel, processing it with Reel aMounts for the first time could take one minute, as opposed to a few seconds for a full reel. During the process the reel receives its first Reel Mounts label, with the encoded weight-adjustment data needed for future, accurate counting of the reel. The cost of one minute is normally acceptable, as every time the reel is subsequently counted with Reel aMounts there is probably a saving of nearly three times this.

There is now an option to bypass most of the procedure, allowing the reel to be processed and labelled in a few seconds. As not all the weight adjustment data for the reel is known, for the rest of its life it will be counted "pessimistically" and counts will show the lowest probable number of components on the reel. All reels labelled from new will still be counted at the highest accuracy, and most plants will find that all the reels being counted pessimistically will be used up within a few months.

Additional integration with automated storage systems, picking systems and placement line software

Using the Data Export interface, Reel aMounts can now pass to an automated storage system details of a reel's diameter and weight, to enable the optimum storage location to be chosen.

Storage and other systems can also be told the date that a reel was first labelled, to help picking and line setup software work on a first-in, first-out basis and also to avoid using material that is past its "use by" date.

Monitoring component age and remaining value

Every time a reel is processed, Reel aMounts will display the date when the reel was first labelled. The date is colour coded to warn the user when reels are nearing their "use by" date, or have exceeded it.

Reel aMounts will also display the percentage of the original material remaining and, optionally, its value. This makes it possible to identify remnants of material where the value left does not warrant the reel being returned to stores for later re-issue.

Reel aMounts showing date first labelled and value remaining
Enhanced Reel Magic technology

The patented Reel Magic technology in Reel aMounts, which allows it to make adjustments automatically for empty leader and trailer tape on reels, has been further enhanced.

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