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December 2016 – Reel aMounts Reporting Centre helps with plastic recycling under the EU Waste Framework Directive

A new category of reports – Recycling – makes it simple to track the waste your production lines create and help show compliance with the directive.

Knowing what waste your production lines create

Your plant receives thousands of plastic reels each month. If it is located in the EU it must account for their recycling under the under the EU Waste Framework Directive. Reel aMounts Reporting Centre can help.

Reel aMounts knows exactly what parts have been received on reels and when. It also knows the empty weights of the reels for every part code. Reel aMounts Reporting Centre can therefore report on the number of reels and weight of plastic received for any time period. Reports can break down the information by part code or simply provide totals for the plant.

If your plant also chooses to scan reels when they are empty, in order to maintain an accurate detailed component inventory, Reporting Centre can also report on the amount of waste plastic created in any time period.

If you choose to carry out these calculation using some other system, Reporting Centre can still help by exporting for you a list of part codes, standard supply quantities and the associated empty reel weights.

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